Wave Form Systems

Dear Customer,

We are excited to announce our new partnership; Wave Form Systems and ForTec Medical have merged resources under the ForTec name. It is our belief that together we can offer more benefits to our customers through sharing resources and the talents of our tenured team members. Wave Form has served this region for over 25 years and has many long-standing relationships with physicians, hospitals and surgery centers. We genuinely value those relationships and hope that our partnership enhances the value we bring to you as our customer.

As a current customer, we would like to introduce you to ForTec Medical. Founded in 1988, ForTec was created on the belief that hospitals, surgery centers, medical offices and patients would benefit from on-demand mobilization of surgical technologies by highly trained technicians. Today, ForTec is the nation's largest mobilizer of diversified surgical technologies with more than 800 devices, 400 technicians and 300 fleet vehicles. ForTec's national network of service centers supports 100,000 surgical cases annually across a range of specialties.

Our aim is to keep this transition as seamless as possible for you; moving forward it will be business as usual. Your normal scheduling routine—including contact names and numbers—and your technicians will all remain the same. The only difference in your service will be invoices, which will begin to come from ForTec Medical.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Wave Form representative.

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